Regulatory wiki

Model Drivers has a new approach to implementing regulatory requirements for the finance industry. Our goal is to automate the hard stuff of regulation. Some have called it “RobReg”.

One element of the strategy is to industrialise the regulations themselves.

What does it mean to industrialise regulations?

  • Access for the common man: We are publishing semantic wiki versions of the regulations in the public domain for easy access to otherwise hard to find information.
  • Simplification: We publish regulations in a simplified, common, human understandable form.
  • Access tools: We provide end user query tools, APIs for machine access and downloads into sophisticated analytic and reporting tools.
  • Social collaboration: By publishing in a wiki, the community can collaborate, learn and improve financial regulations.

Access WikiRegs

Home: Regulation.Finance/index.php/Regulations

FPML: Regulation.Finance/index.php/Fpml:Fpml_model

ISDA Common Data Model: Regulation.Finance/index.php/Isdacdm:ISDA_Common_Data_Model

EBA Data Point Model (Finrep/Corep):Rregulation.Finance/index.php/MdEba:Collateral_Guarentees_diagram

FCA Handbook: Regulation.Finance/index.php/Fca:FCA_Handbook

WikiReg is in beta status. Please contact us for access. Contact us

In what way is ModelDR technology different?

ModelDR is built on semantic technology: While other approaches use data and information technology, ModelDR works in a more human like way, managing intent first and implementation second.

ModelDR is model driven: Traditional thinking means working in the implementation layer directly. For example, ModelDR ingests and generates databases, spreadsheets and Word documents, it does no manipulate directly.

ModelDR has a meta meta model: Meta Meta Modelling is technical talk for being able to integrate any number of domains. ModelDR can, for example, integrate a regulators English language regulations and a firms databases.

Explore further

One exciting possibility for firms is to create an equivelant of WikiReg for their in-house systems and processes. This can then be linked to the public WikiReg, giving end to end visibility for goverance and control.

Contact Model Drivers for a 10 minute demonstration of a working use case. Contact us