Free Webinar – May 19 2015 – 07:00 hrs CDT



Free Webinar – May 19 2015 – 07:00 hrs CDT

Regulatory Update: How can I measure the quality & integrity of my data?


The increasing burden of financial regulation has become the primary reason banks are unable to earn more than their cost of capital. Many of the most systemically important banks are struggling with compliance requirements for improved data aggregation, governance, architecture and processes.

Regulation is directed towards improvement in bank risk management, reporting and decision making practices, but banks are having difficulty in establishing data governance and quality assurance.

Many of the compliance problems banks are having relate to data architecture and the quality and accuracy of data aggregation processes.

At this Webinar, Greg Soulsby CEO of Model Drivers, will provide an update on how bank compliance, governance and technology architects can upgrade and measure the quality of their system data, so as to ensure compliance with BCBS 239 reporting requirements