The BCBS239 Program Tool scores your readiness for BCBS239 using a structured understanding of the evidence you need to provide.


For a copy of the BCBS239 Program Tool please email us. Contact


  • The full BCBS239 paper is available in a structured, spreadsheet format.
  • Detailed description of the evidence you need to show BCBS239 compliance.
  • Captures how you rate yourself against the evidence.
  • Scores your readiness using a structured set of metrics.
  • Caters for your firms own priorities.


  • Gives structure and completeness to your BCBS239 programme.
  • Provides management with detailed and summary level progress to compliance.
  • Communicates to all stakeholders the purpose and outcomes of your BCBS239 program.


  • From the ModelDrivers menu select BCBS239.
  • A form will appear.


  • The tool is a spreadsheet in MS Excel spreadsheet with built.
  • A ModelDrivers menu will be added to your menu Ribbon.
BCBS program tool - readiness score